Saint Patricks Day Party Bus

saint patricks day party bus

Consider yourself a lucky one, and let our service be the ‘pot of gold’ that makes your St. Patrick’s Day unforgettable. Let’s face it, despite the centuries-old traditions and stories that go along with this famed holiday, we tend to use it as an awesome excuse to get together with friends and let loose for the day. And, wear a lot of green, of course. So why worry about driving around, or public transportation when you want to celebrate in style?

Now, you don’t have to. Though jig-dancing isn’t necessarily advised on our buses, we’ll completely understand your excitement as you and your friends head out on the town without having to worry about a public bus fare, or getting on the subway, or even having to pick out a driver for the night. We’ll get the party started before you even arrive at your destination, so you’ll all look like the best bunch of leprechauns that ever entered a party once we pull up.

It’s more than just luck that provides this service, though - it’s something we’re proud and happy to do for you, especially on a day like St. Patrick’s Day. As much fun as it can be to let loose for a day, we also realize the importance of keeping everyone safe (we all know you had more than one glass of green beer, right?). Let us handle the responsibility of getting you and your friends safely home, and you can enjoy a little more Irish luck for years to come.

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