Sweet 16 Party Bus

sweet 16 party bus

Turning 16 is a real shifting point in a teenager’s life, and for decades, we’ve made a big deal about it - for good reason! By the time someone turns 16, their whole life can change around. They can drive, they’re no longer at the ‘bottom’ grade of high school. Hey, there’s just an overall ‘feeling’ that changes when your child’s 16th birthday rolls around. And, a ‘Sweet 16’ party is just the way to celebrate it.

Sweet 16 parties have gotten bigger, and more elaborate in recent years than ever before. And why not? It only happens once, and it’s probably the biggest birthday your teen will have for quite some time. So, if you’re going to make their party something everyone will truly remember, why not go all out, and give your teen and their friends a VIP experience like never before?

Our party buses are perfect for Sweet 16 parties - just because your son or daughter can drive themselves now, doesn’t mean they won’t want to be treated like a movie start with all of their friends on their special day. So, whether it’s a matter of cruising around, listening to music, and laughing in each other’s company, or taking everyone to an event space, we’ve got you covered. Trust us - using our service for your child’s Sweet 16 party will make your kid the talk of the school on Monday morning, and just maybe, every morning for the rest of the year. Kick off the last of their teenage years with a bang, and you’ll love it just as much as they will.

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